Ishy Simply Seven

We recently threw Ishy her seventh birthday party. She is smitten with Belle of Beauty and the Beast.

It’s no surprise that I love to have parties. I truly do. But I also love entertaining to be as easy as possible. Art (my life partner) likes to create simple and pretty touches that makes the party unique without spending a ton of time or money. When it comes to celebrating our children or anyone in the family, I like to keep it beautiful. For this celebration, Art wanted to craft something really pretty for Ishy.


A birthday celebration party was definitely in order. Art’s main objective was to show you how easy it can be to pull together a festive birthday celebration table. I strongly believe in keeping things simple. That should not come as any big surprise. But simple does not mean it can’t be super festive and fun.









Ishy brings us such joy. I hope that she always knows how much we love her and feels this free and this happy. She is shy. To see her come out of her shell and enjoy this photo shoot was such a gift.




I will keep the words to a minimum, but share the sweet snaps from that day. Ishy smiled ear to ear the whole entire time. It was priceless and so fun to be a part of.














Tips: You can have fun with it all coordinating. Stick to the colors of your party to keep it looking cohesive. That is why I went with red.


The best part of hosting a party at The New White Gold House is that the sound system, table center pieces, wait person and videoke are provided. Amazing!  





Kids want to run around and enjoy.















Ishy has the sweetest group of friends. Most of them have been friends for years. I could not ask for a better group. It was fun to see her play with her friends and just enjoy the day.



Our party favors were quite simple. Thank you partylootbags for making our party more colorful.




Thank you so much to Chef Anthony Gala Jumapao of CakeUp for the beautiful cake! It was exactly what I hoped for.


For events and coordination, I would highly recommend Nichole Saludaga for a very fairly or even attractively priced for his services, please ping Nick through his FB account.


For events and collaboration, I would highly recommend Ernesto Pagobo, Jr. of Gian & Jel Photography for a very reasonable price for his services. Please contact Ernie via 09093691244 or send him a message through his FB account. Special thanks to Ernie as well for creating the design of our party loot bags thank you tag and Ishy’s tarpaulin.


Ishy’s dress was purchased from Lirace Shoppe which is owned and managed by Miss Analiza Boroy.

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