Sinigang na Baboy

a. 1/2 kilo pork
b. 1 small onion
c. 1 kilo ripe tomatoes
d. 4 pieces gabi (cut in half)
e. 1-2 tablespoon/s McCormick Sinigang Soup Mix
f. 10 cups water
g. 1 bunch Chinese cabbage
h. 2 pieces eggplant
i. Soy sauce (to taste)


1. In a large pot, put together the cubed pork, onion and tomatoes mashed with a fork.
2. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes till meat is tender.
3. In another pot put in the McCormick Sinigang Soup Mix with water.
4. When the meat is just tender but not overcooked, pour the McCormick Sinigang Soup water into the large pot.
5. Add the vegetables according to firmness, beginning with the gabi, then the sitaw and Chinese cabbage in the last few minutes of cooking.
6. Season with soy sauce.

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