Traditional Egg in a Basket

a. 1 egg
b. 1 slice of bread
c. 1 tablespoon butter
d. Salt and pepper (optional)


1. In the middle of the bread, cut a hole with approximately a 2-inch diameter.
2. Add butter to the frying pan.
3. While the butter is melting in the pan, spread more butter on both sides of the bread.
4. Place the bread in the pan.
5. Fry the bread on medium until it begins to brown.
6. Flip the bread over.
7. Allow this bread to cook until it is a golden brown.
8. Before placing the egg in the hole, add more butter to the pan in the open hole of the bread.
9. Crack the egg open and drop the egg into the hole.
10. Let the egg cook for an additional minute or two.
11. Then, carefully flip the bread to fry the other side.
12. Make sure the egg whites are fully cooked.
13. The whites should not be runny or jiggly.
14. If you wish, season with salt and pepper as you cook each side of the egg.
15. Place your eggs in a basket on a plate.

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