Let Yesterday Be Yesterday

In yesterday, we’re the best friends
We share our joys, laughter, and tears
Pain and loneliness were our talks
As well as secrets and problems.

In yesterday, whenever I was depressed
You’re always there to brighten my day;
Whenever I needed a helping hand,
You’re always ready to lend.

Whenever my world turned upside down,
Your shoulder was free to lean on;
Whenever I needed someone to talk to,
You’re always there to listen to me.

You soothed me away from my loneliness;
You guided me towards my destiny;
You made me laugh when I was so blue
And made me feel who I really am.

Yet what happened to our yesterday?
You’re not the one I used to know;
It seems as if we’re strangers to each other
Just like as if we’ve never met before.

How I wish that yesterday can be today;
What we used to do will be the same,
Make our life richer, rare, and gay
But what else can I do but to

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