Succulents Made Easy

Succulents have become popular for adding invigorating touch to any type of space. It is said that these prickly plants can absorb the bad electromagnetic energy from ill-intentioned people.

Succulents require water, sunlight, and air to thrive and grow. It’s important to note that these mini wonders are tricky little creatures that need the right combination of all three. Too much sunlight or too little water may do your succulents harm so it’s best to pay attention in the first few months of care.

Need not stress about maintaining your plants! You’ll be able to establish a pattern to keep your potted pals healthy.


• Water your succulents at least once a week, observing for signs of over watering such as mushy portions or shriveled up leaves.
• Check if the soil is completely dry before you water again (succulents don’t like it when their roots are too wet).
• They actually prefer little water, less frequently.
• The plants are structured to retain water in their leaves, stems, or roots and are able to go for long periods in between watering.
• Place them in a well-lit areas such as table near the window (if indoors).
• Watch out for dark spots which may indicate sunburn.
• If your succulents start branching out or if spaces occur between the leaves, it means your succulent is looking for some sun.
• Avoid placing succulents inside closed containers (you’ll want the air to circulate freely around your plant).
• Don’t place them directly in hot or cold drafts of air (heaters or air conditioners).


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